Cru project starts from innovating idea in the field of furniture-body connection. It consists of three products with which the user develops a set of movements and positions. Cru aims to be identified as a new typology of furniture called “inhabit complements”, with which the user is understood through their “pure necessities”, and it allows them to interact viscerally with the environment around them.

The nomadic concept of Cru intends to convey the necessity of moving the habitat of the user, wherever they are, complementing it with good movements and positions.



The main product is a seat with an accurate minimalistic shape and study of postures. Materials applied are selected thinking of the user’s comfort: a white smooth wood and an off-white fabric.



Colors are determined by the moods at the beginning of the project, which wanted to transmit a clear and relaxed way of life.






Studing the corporal positions and movements




Studies of shapes, starting renders and color applications.



Logotype developed from the product shape.

Graphic applications.


By: Paula Ferré