I developed the KID AND WOMEN SPORT SS20 collection of Munich brand, defining color combinations, concepts and materials, in a nutshell, I was the color designer.

In the kid sport collection, I applied three types of concepts: GLAM, MULTICOLOR, CASUAL and SPORT, while in women we applied GLAM and MULTICOLOR.




The GLAM application came from the glitters and patent materials used in the girls’ concept. I played with semi transparencies, fluorescents, holographic materials and monotones. I also used shine concepts in some styles.

The MULTICOLOR applications are for both, girls and boys. Playing with colors and textures I wanted to show good color and contrast combinations with an eye on textures.



The CASUAL concept is the basic color applications, I chose these types of combinations for kids with an eye on conventional tones, but with one touch of extra color.

The SPORT applications are made with a lot of materials, colors and textures. These are used and contrasted among them, playing with finishings.

By: Paula Ferré