Pömo is a university project destined to develop a toy for kids, this product offers learning and knowledge, and strengthen the communication between parents and children.

The development of Pömö has been made using innovative technics.

The starter and essential requirements were to create a product or service destined to children and their parents, that was a physical element connected to the internet and that had sensors and data processing. A project’s part also consisted to design and generate a crowdfunding campaign.

Actually, there are a lot of kids with sleeplessness, this comes from nightmares, scares and problems with relaxation.

For more information watch the attached video and go to Pömö web side 🙂

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To solve these troubles has born Pömö, a teddy monster that not only will protect the youngest, it also will help them to develop unconsciously their senses.

Pömö APP

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By: Paula Ferré, Anna Molés and Núria Puchol