Utopique 2020 is a conceptual Project created from awareness with the environment. It’s an empty sphere with some plants inside, which is connected with a mask by a tube, and this plants provide oxygen to the person that is using it.

Our planet needs a change of consciousness, this project is a system’s critic and want to show all problems we could have if we don’t substitute our habits.

As the name conveys, “Utopique” is the French word to say Utopian, and wants to show the idea of an idealistic reformer based in a world that people value plants and nature. The second concept, “2020”, is the year that will be done the next Kyoto Protocol (it’s an international treaty based in encourage countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For all these reasons, I encourage people that are looking at the project understand it as a critic and not as a functional product.

By: Paula Ferré