Zuecos is a project for duuo brand, in which we developed a clogs’ collection.

The specs were design a shoe collection with wooden soles and leather uppers for SS19 Season.

In «Zuecos» there are two types of wooden sole: a flat wooden platform and a wood wedge heel, both made with pinewood.


With a sharked EVA finishing, the flat wooden platform is 3.5cm high, these rubber application matches the color of the pinewood.


The wedge heel is also made with pinewood, the high of the sole is 8.5cm and has an EVA finishing matching the color of the wood.


Colors selected done a summer Mediterranean chromatic range. Except for black and testa leather that are combined with Praia wood finishing, other colors are joined with a honey wood tone finishing.

Enjoy our project!


By: Paula Ferré and Alicia Martorell